Zoning Regulations - July 31 2020

Please click on the links to the Sections in the table below for the updated and formatted Zoning Regulations incorporating updates to June 11, 2020.

We are in the process of incorporating formatting and numbering changes to the combined Zoning Regulation. View the Combined Zoning Regulations July 2020  by clicking on the link above. 


Section 1


Section 2

General Requirements

Section 3


Section 4

District Regulations

Section 5

Use Regulations

Section 6

Publicly Accessible Amenity Space

Section 7

Area and Supplemental Regulations

Section 7.2

Site Plan Review

Section 7.3

Historic Preservation

Section 7.4

Below Market Rate Program

Section 7.5

Review of Large Scale Development

Section 7.6

Architectural Review Design District

Section 7.7

Special Stamford Transportation Center Platform and Commuter Parking

Section 7.8Dormitory Housing

Section 8

Height Regulations

Section 9

Designed Districts

Section 10

Non-conforming uses

Section 11

Public Garage, Service Stations and Automatic Car Wash Establishments

Section 12


Section 13

Sign Regulations

Section 14

Dispensing of Alcoholic Liquors

Section 15

Sustainability and Resiliency

Section 16

Enforcement and Penalties

Section 17

Applications and Permits

Section 18

Certificate of Zoning Compliance

Section 19

Variances and Special Permits

Section 20


Section 21


Section 22

Effective Date

Appendix A - Table IPermitted Uses in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Districts
Appendix A - Table IIPermitted Uses in Commercial and Industrial Districts only
Appendix B - Table III

Schedule of Requirements for Area, Height and Bulk of Buildings

Appendix B - Table IVSchedule of Requirements for Area, Height and Bulk of Buildings
Appendix B - NotesNotes
Appendix CList of Zoning Regulation Amendments
City of Stamford Drainage Manual 2020
Stamford Sustainability Scorecard