Stamford Restorative Justice Project

The Restorative Justice Project is a community outreach program designed to help the community and school systems create and maintain restorative practices that allow for positive outcomes when addressing issues of crime, discipline and safety.

The goal of the RJ Project is to provide restorative practice trainings that teach that harm in any form creates needs, obligations, and opportunities—needs on the part of the victim for restitution, information, and empowerment; needs and obligations on the part of the wrongdoer for accountability, personal growth, and support; and opportunities for learning and empathy.

Other workshops and trainings available:

KNOW THE LAW- an informative workshop explaining the Juvenile Law in Connecticut and its consequences on youth including possible school suspensions/expulsions (versions available for Children and Adults)

BULLYING- a comprehensive look at Connecticut Bullying Statutes and its effect on children, parents and communities. (versions available for Children and Adults)

For More Information, Contact:

Antonia Thompson