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The mission of the Mayor's Youth Services Bureau is to promote the development of caring, responsible, and successful young people through the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council, the Mayor's Youth Employment Program, Pathfinders Adventure Learning, and the Restorative Justice Project and through collaboration with Stamford's youth serving organizations.

The Mayor's Youth Services Bureau is located on the 6th floor of Government Center.  We provide information and referrals to youth and families and support the many youth serving agencies in our community.

Through our own programs, we focus on developing leadership skills, self-confidence, and life skills in our young people.  Additionally, we provide opportunities for adults, parents, youth workers, teachers and mentors experiences and opportunities that encourage personal growth, teamwork, and improved communication skills.

Our Programs:

  • Mayor's Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) - MYLC promotes youth activism through grant writing, public awareness activities and social change campaigns.
  • Mayor's Youth Employment Program (MYEP) - A summer paid internship program matching Stamford High School juniors and seniors students with paid internships across the city for five weeks, with a four day work week and a 'leadership class' on Fridays at the Government Center.
  • Pathfinder Adventures - an experiential, adventure based program designed to offer participants an exciting powerful experience that promotes team development and personal growth for school groups, businesses, and community groups.
  • Pathfinders Adventure Camp - a seven week day camp for middle school students that offers a variety of activities designed to promote teamwork, communication, improve self confidence, making healthy choices, and developing healthy peer relationships.
  • Restorative Justice Project - Restorative justice focuses attention and resources toward recognizing harms experienced through crime, and then creating the conditions for that harm to be repaired, with a focus on righting relationships which have been thrown out of balance through harmful actions.
  • Stamford's Focus on Youth (FOY) - FOY is a partnership of youth serving organizations committed to aiding and enriching the lives of youth on a local, regional, and statewide level.

 "The Power of One - the potential for one individual to help, to heal, to support, to challenge and to change for the better, the life of a young Person"

Peter Benson - Search Institute President

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Teresa Drew Director (203) 977-5674
Justin LaBaire Special Projects, Pathfinder Adventures & Youth Leadership (203) 977-5361
Michelle Lappas Mayor's Youth Employment Program (203) 977-0830
Bob Kocienda Mayor's Youth Leadership Council - Program Coordinator (203) 977-4643
Antonia Thompson Restorative Justice Center (203) 977-5435