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Under the user charge system, everyone who discharges wastewater to the sanitary sewer system pays their share of treating that wastewater regardless of their tax status. The sewer usage bill pays for all operating and maintenance cost associated with the wastewater treatment facility and the collection system. Bills are sent out twice a year in April and October, and based on water usage for the six month period of November through April. The water company provides the Water Pollution Control Authority with actual water usage for all properties in Stamford. The charge is based on the "winter usage" to avoid charging for heavier summer uses such as watering your lawn and garden, washing your car, or filling your pool, which do not impact the treatment system. If a property has a well usage bills are based on the residential average for sewer use in lieu of water usage readings. All users of the sanitary sewer system, including all residential, commercial, government and nonprofit organizations are charged at the same rate.

Payment Options:


You can now pay your sewer use charge online!

Click Here to pay your sewer use charge using an e-check or credit card (fees will apply)


If you wish to send your payment by mail, please note the correct mailing address for Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority User Charge payments is:

City of Stamford WPCA  

PO Box 8063 

Bridgeport, CT 06601-4063  

Payment must be via money order, bank check or personal check.   Do NOT send cash.

PhoneSewer use charges can be paid via credit card over the phone. For phone payments please call the customer service office at (203) 977-5832. Please note with all credit card payments fees will apply, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.

Sewer Use Bills may be paid in person at the

WPCA Customer Service Office
Stamford Government Center
888 Washington Blvd,10th Floor
Stamford,  CT

Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

All property owners using the sewer system will be billed bi-annually, in October and in April.  Payment is due within thirty (30) days of the date listed on the bill.

Lien Information:

Bills unpaid after 30 days from the invoice date are subject to being liened by statute. If there is a lien placed on the account from past due balances, all you need to do is pay the balance in full.  Once the account is paid in full, the SWPCA Billing Dept (contact number: 1-888-263-5047) sends notification and the appropriate paperwork to the Town Clerk’s Office to release the lien. If the account is already paid in full, contact the Customer Services Specialist at 203-977-5832 or email



If you would like to appeal your sewer use charge bill please download, complete, and submit a Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority User Charge Appeal Form. The form can be mailed to the Stamford WPCA, 111 Harbor View Ave, Stamford, CT 06902 or emailed to

Closing information:

If a property serviced by the Stamford WPCA is being sold, the SWPCA MUST be notified in order to receive the pro-rated balance to pay account in full and update the new information of the buyer.

Homeowners: your attorney MUST obtain a pro-rated balance and may receive a future cycle bill that is based on the prior owner's usage.

Attorneys: contact the SWPCA Billing Dept at 1-888-263-5047 or email to obtain a pro-rated amount to be paid at the closing.


Please visit our FAQ for other frequently asked questions. For additional support please call our Billing Department at 1-888-263-5047, or the SWPCA Customer Service Office at 203-977-5832. Inquiries can additionally be emailed to