Project List


Listed below are several current projects that exemplify the work of the Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission (URC).

The URC is a catalyst for: improving the vitality of the downtown, generating jobs and tax revenues for the City through commercial redevelopment; providing housing sites for low and moderate income families; upgrading streets, water and sewer facilities, parking garages, and other public infrastructure to gear them for present and future needs; creating a higher level of urban design through more flexible performance standards in local zoning and other land use regulations.

The URC is a dynamic instrument for the design, implementation and execution of Stamford’s planning and economic development objectives. 



The Summer Street Garage located in Stamford’s downtown adjacent to Target was built by the Urban Redevelopment Commission in partnership with the City of Stamford. This state of the art parking facility has a capacity of 484 vehicles and was opened to the public in the spring of 2006. The hallmark of the Summer Street Garage is the blending of the utilitarian and the artistic. The creation of an open stair tower with a windowed elevator gives the feeling of openness to garage users. The decorative glass tower at the south west corner of the garage façade and the presentation of the Wave Sculpture, a gift from D’Orr-Oliver soaring high above the main entry way gives it an artistic look that hails the new sophisticated urban landscape that is Stamford. 



THE MILL RIVER PARK reclaims and enhances existing open spaces while brining an expanded 26 acre park into Stamford’s City center. When complete, the Mill river Park Corridor will include a variety of housing options, walking and bicycle trail along the riverfront, and an adjusted flood plain that will benefit surrounding residential and commercial neighborhoods for years to come. 








Mill River Playground, located at the corner of Tresser Boulevard and West Main Street, is a testament to the concept of public-private partnerships. This state of the art playground was build with volunteer labor over a seven day period in May 2006. Men, women, and children of all ages, races, nationalities, and skill levels participated in the planning, development, and construction of this important citywide playground for all. 
Park Square West, when complete will consist of four luxury buildings with a total of 419 Apartments, ground floor retail and many amenities common to sophisticated city living. Corcoran Jennison Companies was chosen by the URC to redevelop the area adjacent to the new Summer Street Garage and downtown dining and entertainment. 

When complete this residential development will offer stylish urbane living in the downtown to residents of all economic levels.

  • Phase I consists of 143 units.
  • Phase II will have 185 units.
  • Phase III will have a total of 80 units.
  • Phase IV will have 150 housing units.