Urban Redevelopment Commission

About Us

The Urban Redevelopment Commission is an agency created by the City of Stamford in 1954 that handles municipal development projects.

Members are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Representatives for a five-year term. The powers and authorities of the Commission are conferred by the State and are described in the General Statutes.

The URC is authorized to prepare and/or approve plans for urban redevelopment and urban renewal projects, as well as certain other projects. Those plans must be approved by several City Boards, and ultimately by the Board of Finance and the Board of Representatives in order to become effective.  The URC is designated as the Development Agency for the City of Stamford. 

Generally, the URC serves as primary City entity for eminent domain matters.  It has functioned on behalf of Stamford in its development of the downtown Central Business District (CBD) also known as the Downtown Special Services District (DSSD) as well as in the acquisition of properties for the Mill
River Park Collaborative.  Additionally, the URC has been instrumental in the preparation and use of Tax Incremental Financing (TIFs), on a limited basis, for the City of Stamford.

The URC serve as the municipal conduit in developing the Park Square West area in Stamford.  This zone has seen the construction, and occupancy of several residential and commercial improvements.  Moreover, the URC was the lead City Agency in the process that has building taking place at the former Hole in the Ground at Greyrock and Tresser Boulevard.

In February 2017, the Mayor and City Board of Representatives voted to place the URC into the Offfice of Economic Development for the City of Stamford.  The URC continues its  functions with the supplementary mandate of working to further enhance economic as well as community development on behalf of Stamford residents.

Mission Statement

The Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission provides the critical leadership for the continuing innovative revitalization of the City.

Working in collaboration with the community, the Commission focuses on rehabilitating blighted areas; balancing population density and socio-economic diversity; promoting convenient affordable housing; enhancing pedestrian presence; improving the availability of suitable parking; expanding the job and tax base; and ensuring the attractiveness of buildings, open areas and urban infrastructure.

The successful result of the Commission’s activities will enhance the appeal of the City as a dynamic community in which to live work and shop.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Thomas Madden Executive Director (203) 977-5168
Tommie Jackson Assistant Director (203) 977-5410
Theresa Bowen Office Manager (203) 977-5551

Board Members

Name Title
Mark Diamond Chairperson (D)
Stephen Fischer Vice Chairperson (R)
Jim Huerta Secretary/Treasurer (D)
Jonathan Winkel Member (D)