walking stamford

Walkable communities make it easier for people to know their neighbors, and add more “eyes on the street” which increases safety. When people walk or bike instead of drive, there is less air pollution which means everyone can breathe more easily. Many Stamford neighborhoods are traditionally walkable and provide comfortable and contiguous sidewalks for people. Improving the connectivity and quality of this network will provide more direct, convenient and safe travel routes for walking. This also provides more travel option and reduce our dependency on automobiles. It can ultimately increase the City’s economic competiveness by providing comfortable spaces that attract both residents and businesses.

Walking is the most common and accessible form of transportation and engaging in physical activity. In Stamford, people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds walk to access jobs, schools, services, and participate in social activities. Even when residents take public transportation, walking is an integral part of that trip. This necessary activity has many positive benefits as study after study show that walking regularly can improve your health and the social, economic and natural environment.