Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

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TDM is referred to, alternatively, as "Travel Demand Management," Transportation Demand Management," or Traffic Demand Management."  For the purposes of this website, "Transportation Demand Management will be used.  TDM is a set of actions or strategies with the goal of encouraging travelers to utilize alternatives to driving alone, especially at the most congested morning and evening peak periods.

TDM alternatives involve familiar travel options such as carpools and vanpools, among a number of other options.  Improvements to existing transportation services, better wayfinding, preferential parking for ride sharers, and subsidies for transit riders and transportation allowances may also be involved.

The most effective strategies offer commuters a safety, time or financial incentive to leave their single occupant vehicle in favor of an alternative travel mode.  Studies show that the effectiveness of TDM strategies vary considerably based on availability and pricing of parking, average travel distances, accessibility to effective transit alternatives, congestion and land use.  Larger employers have achieved successes dependent upon the respective urban context.