Bicycle is a vital element of Stamford’s future mobility, economic development, public health, and environmental sustainability. A bicycle-friendly community will attract employers, employees and new residents because an investment in bicycling is an investment in safety, public health, a clean environment, a higher quality of life and economic development. Promoting biking positively impacts all residents, bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike.

Increasing levels of bicycling can reduce fuel consumption, air pollution and carbon emissions in Stamford. Short vehicular trips can also have high levels of per-mile emissions, as research shows that an estimated 60 percent of the pollution created by automobile emissions is emitted in the first few minutes of operation.

Bicycling also offers a low-cost transportation option for the residents of Stamford. The costs of owning and operating a bicycle is estimated to be less than four percent of the costs of owning a car and many residents of Stamford, especially in the downtown area, live car-free.