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Mission Statement

The mission of the Transportation, Traffic & Parking Department is to ensure orderly coordination of traffic signals and traffic flow throughout the City so that all pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit users, and motorists  can move throughout the City in a safe and convenient manner.

Questions, Concerns, Complaints, and Suggestions about Transportation, Traffic & Parking in Stamford?

You can log all of these into Stamford's Citzens Service Portal, FixIt Stamford. This way our department can organize and respond to citizen concerns. You can submit to FixIt Stamford here.

Department Goals:
  • Enhance Safety of the City’s Transportation System using a Complete Streets Approach
  • Improve Transportation, Traffic and Parking Operations
  • Maintain Cost Effectiveness
  • Enhance Traffic Flow
  • Upgrade Traffic Signal System
  • Expand Stamford Street Smarts Public Awareness Initiative
  • Roadway and street network planning to improve traffic flow, safety and operations
  • Computerized Traffic Control Systems surveillance and analysis
  • Traffic Signal Coordination
  • Pedestrian flow and safety issues
  • Signal and Roadway design
  • Roadway project management and coordination
  • On and Off Street Parking Design
  • Residential Parking Permit Program
  • Accident Analysis to develop counter measures to improve safety
  • Review Street Opening Permits
  • Review Traffic Operations Plans
  • Issue Street Use permits
  • Review Zoning Board applications
  • Flag Person Course and Certification
  • Investigate Citizens' complaints
  • Review sub-division plans and applications
  • Organize public information meetings for Federal, State and City funded roadway projects
  • Assist Traffic Advisory Committee
  • Review sub-division plans and applications
  • Provide Signal Timing Plans with the authorization from the Department of Legal Affairs
  • Parking Enforcement Operations 
  • Manage Municipal Parking Lots and Garages

 Contact The Cashiering & Permitting Department

(203) 977-4979

For Parking Ticket Violations & Appeals

Parking Meter Violations

Beach Sticker Sales.

Municipal Parking for City Garages (Bell Street), (Summer Place) and (Bedford Street)




Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Frank Petise Interim Bureau Chief. Contact: (203) 977-4124
Crystal Mitchell Admin. Account Clerk (203) 977-5466
Open Position Traffic Engineer
Open Position Signal Engineer
Open Position Traffic Analyst