Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings

Road signs

The Traffic Maintenance Division, or what is predominately referred to as Signs and Lines, is responsible for street signs, line painting, emergency services, and helping to ensure safe travel on Stamford’s 320 miles of roadway. This department responds to road emergencies and snow removal, parking lot and garage maintenance, and sets up traffic control for special events.

In an effort to increase safety and decrease confusion for drivers, the City of Stamford Department of Transportation, TRoad Linesraffic & Parking has been updating and clarifying the traffic signs and pavement markings throughout Stamford.

Having clearer signs and lines allows drivers to make more informed decisions about their trip, which increases safety and decreases stress. The department acts in accordance with all federal/state standards for safety and ease of navigation.

Signs convey important information to all roadway users about the state of the road and other safety information. Having updated signs also contributes to a more modern streetscape.

Pavement markings clearly demarcate travel lanes, which decreases the risk for crashes. In addition, pavement markings can also be used as traffic calming measures, which cost the taxpayers less than full scale construction projects.

Our department follows the standards set by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for all signs, pavement markings, and signals. More information about the MUTCD can be found here