Absentee Ballots

COVID-19 NOTE: The Presidential primary date has changed from April 28th to June 2nd. If you have already submitted an absentee ballot, it willl still be accepted


Voting by absentee ballots involves a two-step process: (1) the application for the absentee ballot, and (2) the actual ballot.   

Who may vote by absentee ballot?

In the State of Connecticut voters may only vote absentee if one of these conditions applies:

  • Illness or physical disability
  • Absence from the City during all hours of voting
  • Active service in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Religious tenets forbid secular activity on election day
  • Service as an elected official at a polling place other than the official’s place of voting

How to obtain an application for an Absentee ballot:

  • You can obtain an electronic application via the Secretary of State’s website, Click Here
  • You can also visit the Town Clerk’s Office located in the Government Center. Their office hours are between 8 a.m.- 3:45 p.m.
  •  anyone who helps in distributing absentee ballot applications or who helps in filling out an application is subject to the rules described on the Secretary of State website
  • by mail: a qualified voter who is already out of town may request to have an application be sent to them.  Allow sufficient time for mailing of both the application and the ballot.

How to submit the absentee ballot application?

  • The absentee ballot application may be submitted in-person, at which time the ballot can be obtained.
  • The absentee ballot application may be submitted by any person who helps distribute absentee
  • The absentee ballot application can be mailed to the Town Clerk, PO Box 891, Stamford, CT 06904.

How to return the absentee ballot?

  • The Absentee Ballot may be submitted in-person at the Town Clerk’s office by the day before the election/primary. Please note, that ballots may not be dropped off when the office is closed.
  • The Absentee Ballot may also be mailed to the Town Clerk, PO Box 891, Stamford, CT 06904, and must be received before the polls close on Election Day.

When are the absentee ballots available?

  • The absentee ballot will be available on the 31st day before the election, or the 21st day before a primary. (CT Statutes §§ 9-135 and 9-140(f)).

How to Register to Vote?

For further information:

Call the Town Clerk’s office at (203)977.5280