Sewer Assessment & Connection

Sewer Assessments are assigned to properties that are benefited when new sewers are installed.  Assessments are based on the cost of the construction project using a formula determined by ordinance (Stamford Code Section 200-41).  Any remaining costs not paid by the assessment are incorporated into the WPCA user charge. 

A connection charge is assigned to a property whenever construction results in the creation of additional units connected to the existing sanitary sewer system.  The intention of the charge is to ensure that increased uses of the system will bear their fair share of the capital cost of the system.  The WPCA imposes these charges as provided by state law (Connecticut General Statutes §7-255) and the City Charter of the City of Stamford (Sec. C6-160).  The City of Stamford Connection Charge program has been in force since January 1973.

Types of Property Subject to Assessments and Connections

Real Estate

Assessment/Connection accounts are loans from the City of Stamford and are associated with the real estate, NOT the owner of the property.  Upon transfer of title, the new owner becomes responsible for any outstanding charges due at the time of title transfer if not paid from previous owner.  CT General Statues require that the collection of assessment and connection charges follow the CT State Statutes for tax collection. 

Mailing of Bills Assessments / Connections are due November 1 are mailed on or about October 15.

If you fail to receive your assessment/connection bill, call the Tax Collectors office. Per Sec. 12-130 of the CT General Statutes

Failure to receive an assessment/connection bill does not exempt taxes or interest. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING AN ASSESSMENT/CONNECTION BILL AND PAYING ON TIME.

When are Assessment/Connection bills Due?

Assessment and Connections are due on November 1

When do the Charges Become Delinquent?

Assessments and Connections become delinquent 30 days after the due dates indicated above.

That means, that assessments and connections can be paid, without incurring a charge for delinquent interest, according to the following schedule:

If due November 1 - can be paid without penalty November 30.

Change of Address / Moving

The tax collectors’ office should be promptly notified if there is a change of billing address.

Click here for change of address form.

Delinquent Interest 

Interest on delinquent taxes is charged at the rate of 1.5% per full or partial month in accordance with Connecticut General Statute 12-146 “… the delinquent portion of the principal of any tax shall be subject to interest at the rate of eighteen per cent per annum from the time when it became due and payable until the same is paid, subject to a minimum interest charge of two dollars…”

Per state statute, failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt the tax payer from payment of interest.  Connecticut General Statutes do not grant tax collectors the authority to waive interest fees.  There absolutely no exceptions.

Returned Check Fee

The returned check fee charge is $50.00

Lien Fee

Lien Fee of $1.00 is charged when the lien is applied.

Address or Mail Payments to:

City of Stamford
Collector of Taxes
888 Washington Blvd,
Stamford, CT 06901

Note: Assessment and Connection bills are Issued November 1

When mailing in a payment please make sure to include your customer account ID# on the check or money order.