Refund / Transfer Instructions

Please be advised that you are required to submit the following information, as outlined below, before we are able to process your request for a Refund or Transfer of Property Taxes which could take up to 12 weeks to process and the process begins after all required documents are received.

An APPLICATION FOR REFUND/TRANSFER OF PROPERTY TAXES has been enclosed for your convenience. Please read this carefully and be sure that it is signed, per Connecticut General Statute.

If your request is for a TRANSFER (to be applied to delinquent or current taxes), please write the word TRANSFER in the upper right hand corner of the application.

Attach copies of all canceled checks* (front and back) and/or copies of validated receipts for the payment(s) for which a refund or transfer is requested. If the check was for payment for multiple tax bills (i.e., mortgage company), a copy of the original disbursement page/payment instructions must be included, highlighting the payment.  If paid online through the City’s Website, we will need a copy of the email payment confirmation, the credit card statement or bank statement showing payment.

If taxes were paid on your behalf by either an attorney, a bank or other financial institution, a mortgage company, or by any other individual or entity, you must submit a letter on their stationery (letterhead), verifying that you are to receive the refund or that the amount should be transferred. (It is a common occurrence for one installment of a Real Estate Tax Bill to be paid twice, particularly if ownership of the property has changed or the mortgage has been refinanced. We require this letter to avoid duplicate refund requests.)

Please note that no refund/transfer can be processed unless all appropriate steps, as outlined above, have been completed. Processing refunds could take up to 12 weeks after receipt of all required documentation. 

Please mail completed applications to:

City of Stamford, Taxation Services,


PO Box 10152 

Stamford, CT 06904-2152.

*In lieu of cancelled checks, a copy of bank statement showing name, date processed and the appropriate payment amount(s).