About Us

The Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority (SWPCA) is an agency within the Office of Operations of the City of Stamford municipal government.  City of Stamford Ordinance No. 803 established the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority (SWPCA) on November 28, 1996, pursuant to statutory authority as set forth in Chapter 103, Sections 7-245 through 7-273A inclusive, of the Connecticut General Statutes Revision of 1958, as amended.  The Authority was created to (a) operate the Water Pollution Control Facility ("Treatment Plant" located at Harbor View Avenue), (b) use, equip, re-equip, repair, maintain, supervise, manage, operate, and perform any act pertinent to the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of sewage and biosolids, (c) operate and maintain the wastewater collection system which includes about 250 miles of sanitary sewer and twenty-three pumping stations, and (d) operate and maintain the dikes, levees, and three pumping stations associated with the Hurricane Barrier plus one additional storm water pumping station.

The operation of the wastewater treatment plant and collection system are governed by State and Federal Government regulations.  The Federal regulations are enforced by the State of Connecticut DEEP under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) established by the Clean Water Act.

The SWPCA provides wastewater collection and treatment for the City of Stamford and the Town of Darien serving a population of approximately 100,000 in Stamford and approximately 12,400 in Darien, including residential, commercial, government and non-profit customers