Safe Routes to School

The goal of Safe Routes to School or SRTS is to encourage students to walk or bike to school in a pedestrian-friendly environment. Reasons to start talking about Safe Routes to School during PTO meetings include increasing physical activity, helping students to establish healthy habits and encourage their personal freedom. The physical environment around a school can increase safety by slowing down traffic, narrowing the crossing distance, and signaling to drivers that this is a place where children walk and bike to school.

The improvements made at KT Murphy school facilitate a safe environment for our students:

  • High-visibility drop-off/pick-up zone
  • High visibility crosswalks
  • ADA curb ramps 
  • School zone flashers
  • Curb extensions
  • Yield to pedestrian stanchions 

The City of Stamford and the Board of Education are working together to improve Safe Routes to Schools.  Street safety will be incorporated into the educational curriculum, programming and operations at local schools, and also prioritized through physical improvements in the environment.  To learn more about Safe Routes to School and find out how to make an impact in your school’s neighborhood, visit

Safe Routes to School Educational Video