Leading Pedestrian Interval

The City of Stamford has the first leading pedestrian interval implemented in CT, at the intersection of Summer and Hoyt Streets. It gives pedestrians 7 extra seconds to start crossing the street before the cars at the intersection going the same direction get a green light. The pedestrian then follows normal crossing laws.

Leading pedestrian intervals enhance the visibility of pedestrians and reinforce their right-of-way over turning vehicles, especially at intersections like Summer and Hoyt, that have a high crash history. LPIs have a significant crash reduction factor, meaning it is an effective strategy to improving pedestrian safety and reducing crashes involving pedestrians at signalized intersections.

Studies have shown that LPIs can reduce pedestrian-vehicle crashes as much as 60%.  It has been successful in several US cities, including NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, etc.  The City of Stamford plans to expand its use of LPI in high pedestrian volume areas.  Look out for the head start for pedestrian signals while you are walking in Stamford.

Leading Pedestrian Interval Educational Video