Bicycle Safety

Safety Tips for Riding a Bicycle

  • Driving on the road requires care and courtesy whether you are driving a car or bicycle.  As road users, bicyclists must be predictable and obey all traffic laws by riding in a responsible manner.
  • Maintain and regularly inspect your equipment.  Be safe and keep your bike tuned up.  Take it to a bike shop at least twice a year for professional inspection.
  • Wear a helmet correctly.  Always wear your helmet to prevent head injury.  You helmet should be level and snug.  You should be able to see the helmet brim.
  • Be visible and predictable.  Wear bright colors.  Ride straight in a predictable manner.  Plan ahead to avoid obstacles.  Signal before changing directions.
  • Ride with traffic.  Always ride on the right side.  Do not pass motorists on the right.  If you approach an intersection with a right turn lane and intend to continue straight, ride with through traffic.  When a road is too narrow for cars and bikes to ride side by side “take the travel lane” which means riding in or near the center.
  • Watch for potential hazards.  Scan the road 100 feet ahead for hazards – drains, potholes, tracks or debris.  Allow time to maneuver around these hazards and negotiate with traffic.  Avoid riding into open car doors by giving yourself 3 or 4 feet.
  • Signal all turns.  Look back before you make a lane change or turn.  Signal safely in advance using one of these signals.

Link to CT Laws Regarding Bicycles.