Mayor Announces Two New Traffic Safety Measures for Increased Pedestrian Safety

STAMFORD, CT – Mayor David Martin was joined today by local representatives, Transportation officials, Domus and the East Side Partnership to announce that 28 new “Yield to Pedestrian” stanchions have been installed throughout the City, including several on Lockwood Avenue.

“Pedestrian safety continues to be one of my top priorities and there is always more that we can be doing,” said Mayor Martin. “We are making streets safer for pedestrians here at Domus and all over the city by installing a second round of ‘Yield to Pedestrian’ stanchions to remind drivers to be aware of their surroundings.”

Earlier in 2016, nine “Yield to Pedestrian” stanchions were installed throughout the City as part of a pilot program. After consultation with the City’s Transportation Department and the Street Smart committee, the Mayor identified 28 new sites that would be helped by “Yield to Pedestrian” stanchions present in the road.

The group also unveiled the new crosswalk and ADA accessible ramp directly in front of Domus, which will allow for safer street crossings for students and families.

The Mayor continued, “I heard from a number of people, including students at Domus, that there was a need for a safer street crossing. I am hopeful that the combination of the crosswalk, ramp and stanchion will help students, families and neighborhood residents feel safer crossing the street.”