Update on Air Balancing/Ductwork Cleaning at Westhill High School

As part of the larger water intrusion/air quality assessment work that the SAMG has been doing at WHS the last year, we have begun to do air balancing and ductwork cleaning of the existing HVAC ventilation system which services the interior core area of the Finch and Raynor Buildings as well as the Media Center. This process will continue through this school year. The process of air balancing will ensure the ventilation at WHHS is as evenly distributed through the ventilation system as possible. This will make the existing ventilation system operate as effectively and efficiently as possible to the system’s original design. Additionally, to increase the existing system’s effectiveness and efficiency, the ductwork will be cleaned by a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)-certified company. During Christmas Break, the SAMG, working with Bismark Construction and their sub-contractors (George Ellis [Mechanical Contractor], Wings Balancing and Testing [Air Balancing Contractor], and Duct Clean Corporation [Duct Cleaning Contractor]) began a limited test pilot program in Penthouse A. Penthouse A is located on the roof of the Finch Building and services the interior core of the 100’s and 200’s and contains two air handing units (AC-1 and AC-2). The current plan is to resume ductwork cleaning of AC 1 and AC 2 on February 12, 2020 and be complete by February 28, 2020. Balancing of the system will be conducted following ductwork cleaning. Following work on AC-1 and AC-2, ductwork cleaning and balancing will be conducted on the Media Center system (AC-3) and the Raynor Building system (AC-4 and AC-5). Work will be conducted to the extent possible over weekends and school breaks to ensure as little disruption as possible to classroom activities. SAMG will continue to post progress on our web site. Please note, during ductwork cleaning the ductwork, supply fans, and return fans are shut down, and the ductwork is put under negative pressure in an effort to control generation of dust during cleaning. It is important to note that residual dust, as encountered during the limited test pilot program, may emerge as the system is turned on following cleaning each day. SAMG will continue to work with your building’s custodial staff to clean residual dust as needed.