Toquam Magnet Elementary School February Break Work

As part of the larger water intrusion/air quality assessment work that the SAMG has been doing at Toquam Magnet Elementary School, work related to removal of water/mold impacted drywall will commence on, or about, February 14, 2020, and be completed by Tuesday, February 18, 2020.  Work scheduled to be conducted includes the custodian closet and adjacent room 24 and conference room, media center office closets, and room 49A.

Please be advised work includes removal of <1% asbestos-containing taping compound associated with the drywall.  This work will be conducted in accordance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Connecticut Department of Public Health (CTDPH), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for removal of <1% asbestos-containing materials.  Tighe & Bond, Inc., the City of Stamford’s third-party Environmental Consultant/Industrial Hygienist will be onsite overseeing asbestos abatement work, which is being conduct by A.A.I.S., Inc., a State of Connecticut licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor.

Please note this work is one part of a larger, comprehensive project at Toquam Magnet Elementary School focusing on identifying water intrusion and mold growth issues within the building and permanently correcting any identified deficiencies.  The Stamford Assessment Management Group is working with an Architect/Engineer, Environmental Consultant, Construction Manager, General Contractor, and Remediation Contractor to identify and correct areas of concern at Toquam Magnet Elementary School.

Please visit the Stamford Assessment Management Group website at for additional information or contact the Stamford Asset Management Group via email at [email protected].