How to Retrieve Belongings After an Eviction

Items from an eviction are packed and brought to City storage by the State Marshall that performed the eviction

Under State of Connecticut Law, personal belongings and personal effects must be stored by a Municipality for at least 15 Days. After that time period, those items may be auctioned.

You must contact the eviction agent at 203-977-4051 as soon as possible to make arrangements to retrieve your belongings

The typical storage release fee is $350.00. The fee covers the cost incurred by the City of Stamford to store and remove evictee’s belongings and personal affects

Acceptable forms of payment are money orders and cashier’s bank checks made payable to the: City of Stamford

Storage will only be released to those person(s) that are listed on the eviction notice. All others must provide written documentation or consent they have the right to act on the evictee’s behalf.

Evictee will receive a release form and a receipt after pay all fees. It is necessary to schedule an appointment to pick up your belongings.

It is necessary to have the appropriate sized vehicle and manpower to be able to load and transport your items from City storage

After 15 days, evictee’s belongings are considered abandoned and are scheduled to be auctioned.

Evictions auctions are held about once a month, auction notices are mailed to the last known address of the evicted tenant, posted on the nearest sign post where the eviction occurred and placed in the legal notices section of the Stamford Advocate.

The evictee can make arrangements to pay for their belongings and have held from an auction up until the close of the business day prior to the auction.

Evictees can bid on their belonging at the public auction held at 100 Magee Avenue

Evictees have 30 days to contact the eviction agent at 203-977-4051 to claim any net proceeds (less any fees) the City of Stamford received from the auctioning of your belongings.

For more information contact Sharona Cowan, Director of Mandated Services at
203-977-4051 or [email protected]