Snow Removal

The City will start preparing for winter storm events by monitoring weather reports. Winter storm elements such as duration, strength, and timing are all crucial to predict and prepare for.

    Snow Removal Process

    When it is determined that a storm is approaching, trucks will be geared up, plows will be mounted, and City plow crews will go on alert. The steps below ensure that City residents are within 3 or 4 blocks of a treated roadway during the course of the storm and that complete vehicle access is available as soon as possible when the storm is over.

    • Once the storm begins, patrols are sent throughout the City to monitor road conditions.
    • The Highway Crew uses liquid calcium chloride to pre-treat bridges and elevated roadways because they are the most susceptible for freezing. They will also pre treat Stamford streets with the highest traffic volume. This process is called, "anti-icing."
    • Once accumulation begins, City plows will first focus on treating the major roads (arterial roads, connecting subdivisions or business districts), Snow Emergency Routes, and primary neighborhood streets. Within 2 hours of first snow fall, all roads should be treated. 
    • The following is the order in which roads are plowed in the City. 
      • Main city roads, which will also include bridges, elevated roads and all primary neighborhood streets. 
      • Secondary connector roads.
      • Local roads
      • Dead ends/cul de sacs
    • The whole process gets repeated as needed, until the event has passed and the roads are cleared.

    Note: The City of Stamford does not plow state roads. All snow plowing requests for the following roads should be directed toward the Connecticut Department of Transportation:

    Connecticut Turnpike (Route 95)Merritt Parkway- (Route 15)Long Ridge Road (Route 104)
    High Ridge Road (Route 137Cold Spring Road (from High Ridge Rd to Washington Blvd)Washington Boulevard (from Cold Spring Rd to 95)
    Courtland Avenue (Route 106)East Main Street (Route 1)Tresser Boulevard (Route 1)
    West Main Street (Route 1)South State Street (Greenwich to Elm) 

    Time Frame For Snow Removal

    Stamford's many roads take time and manpower to treat and clear. City crews work around the clock to clear the roads, working tirelessly until the job is completed and all roads are passable. During heavy snow storms, the primary focus will be on ensuring that all main roads are cleared. Once snow participation stops, it will take City plow crews 8-10 hours to complete a final clean up of the City. Please do not submit snow removal requests unless it has been at least 10 hours since the final snowfall.

    Snow Emergency Routes

    In the event of a major snow storm,the Mayor may declare a Snow Emergency. A Snow Emergency Route is a predefined road with a red and white sign alerting residents not to park in the event of a snow emergency. In the event you need parking, the Bell Street, Summer Street and Bedford Street municipal garages can accommodate vehicles during a snow emergency. Call (203) 977-4140 for details.

    Residents living on a snow emergency route may also park on neighboring streets where parking is not prohibited.

    Click here to find out which streets are Snow Emergency Routes.

    In Case Of Emergency

    In the event of an emergency, call 911. The emergency response team works closely with the snow removal crew and will get to you as quickly as possible.

    How Residents Can Help

    Many times people don't realize that there are things they can do to make a storm event easier on themselves and the crews working for their safety and convenience.

    On the road…

    • If possible, take mass transit. Fewer cars that are on the roads mean an easier time for the snow fighters.
    • If you have to drive make sure you have snow tires or chains and an emergency kit. Stuck and abandoned vehicles cause you an inconvenience and make it harder to clear the roads.
    • Don't rush. Take your time, remember others may be having a hard time navigating and let the plow go ahead of you. That road will be a lot easier to go up after a snow fighter has treated it.

    At home…

    • If you have a driveway, use it! Park your vehicles off the road so more snow can be cleared away and your vehicles are less likely to get plowed in, splashed, or hit.
    • If you don't have a driveway, park as close as possible to the curb on ONE SIDE OF THE STREET. Park on the EVEN numbered side first, then after the plows go through, move it over to the other side. This way, the plows can open up your road.
    • There is nothing worse than shoveling your driveway out only to turn around and watch a City plow push it all back in. To help avoid this, stand facing the street and shovel snow to your right AND NOT to the left or into the street.
    • Tips and Tricks for Safe Snow Shoveling

    Road Condition Communications

    • Tune in to WSTC (1400 A.M.) where the City continuously updates Stamford's road conditions or News 12 Regional News Network.
    • Call the Citizen Service Center at 203-977-4140
    • For after hours assistance please call the Non-Emergency Police Dispatch at (203) 977-4444
    • For city parking garage information during snow emergencies please call 977-4979

    Alternate Side Parking Streets Designation [During Snow Accumulation]