Vacancies in Elective Offices?

Whenever a vacancy occurs in any elective office and no specific provision for filling such vacancy is made in this Charter, the Board of Representatives shall, within sixty (60) days following the vacancy, elect a successor to fill such vacancy until December first following the next biennial election.

When the Board of Representatives has elected a successor to fill a vacancy in the office of Mayor, on the Board of Representatives, on the Board of Finance or on the Board of Education , a vacancy election shall be held at the next biennial election. Any political party may nominate one candidate for each vacancy for membership on the Board or in the office of the Mayor.

No voter may vote for more than one candidate to fill such vacancy in the applicable Board or in the office of the Mayor. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes is elected as a member of the applicable Board for the balance of the term which was vacated, or in the case of the Mayor or the Board of Representatives, until the next biennial election.