Registrar of Voters

The Registrars of Voters maintain an independent office under the City of Stamford's government. The purpose of the Office is to assist qualified residents to register to vote for Stamford elections and also provides information.

While elections and registration for elections are handled locally, the Office operates under laws of all levels of government.

For detailed information about election procedure and Stamford's elected officials, refer to the City Charter, The Connecticut General Statutes, or the Secretary of the State Elections Division.

Election Information

  • Date for Election: ____/____/____          
This year we will be voting on State and Federal offices


 Absentee Ballots call the TOWN CLERK Office: (203) 977-5280


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ron Malloy Democratic Registrar (203) 977-4009
Lucy F. Corelli Republican Registrar (203) 977-4010
Lynne Fife Deputy Registrar (D) (203) 977-4011
Terry Bivona Deputy Registrar (R) (203) 977-4012