Recycling Saves Costs

Recycling Saves:

  • The City of Stamford pays $70 per ton to dispose of garbage while we earn $17.50 per ton for recycling. Every item you recycle saves disposal costs and generates income.
  • The more citizens and businesses of Stamford recycle, the more efficient use of tax dollars by paying less money to dump garbage.
  • You can further save the City money by following a few simple that will help speed up recycling collection and lower the charges of separating recyclables at the sorting facility:
    • Place the toter with the bar facing out to the street. This makes it easier to tip the toter's contents into the truck.
    • Rinse bottles and cans. Leave the lids and labels on.
    • Flatten cardboard and cut it into 3 ft x 3 ft sections. Anything larger does not fit in the collection truck.
    • Make sure your recycling toter contains NO garbage or other non-recyclable items such as grass clippings. Non-recyclables in toter will cause it to not be picked up.
    • Compost your yard waste or bring your yard waste to the Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center or the Scale House.

Did You Know?

The annual benefit of recycling to Connecticut's economy = over $700 million.
The annual benefit to Stamford = over $1 million.
US recycling and remanufacturing industries provide jobs = 1 million jobs and over $100 billion in revenue.