Commercial Owners/Managers

The Law - What Businesses need to do to Comply with City Ordinances and State Law
Stamford's Mandatory Recycling Ordinance requires everyone to maximize recycling and minimize trash sent to landfills.  Every resident, every business (including non-profits), and all public and private agencies and institutions such as colleges, hospitals, and local and state government agencies, must recycle.  To learn more about what items are required to be recycled, please click here 
Commercial Property Managers and Owners Must Provide:

Information and training to tenants, employees, and contractors, including janitors, on how to separate recyclables and landfill trash.

Property owners and managers are required to provide tenants with recycling collection services and an appropriate number of color-coated and labeled recycling toters (at least 1 container for every garbage bin is a good idea) or a dumpster. For tenants in buildings with less then 6 units, dark green for recyclables, and brown for household trash only. 

Apartment/multi-family owners will be fined if they fail to provide tenants with recycling collection services.

Re-education to tenants, employees, and contractors at least once a year.

Event Recycling
Every event held in the City of Stamford is required by law to provide recycling. Contact Dan Colleluori (203-977-4117) for assistance.
Setting up Recycling Services Helps Save Money
By recycling (and composting), businesses can reduce the amount of trash, or pick-up days, and reduce disposal costs. To order or adjust services, contact your Hauler.
Get Free Support from the City

Use the Toolkit for Recycling Compliance ( brochures, posters, signs, a visit) or contact (203) 977-4117 for customized assistance for owners of an apartment building with less than 6 units.  For owners of an apartment complex of more than 6 units, please contact your Hauler. 

Find out what and where items can be recycled, reused or disposed of through Recyclopedia!

To request a Recycle or Garbage toter, click here.  To report an issue/illegal dumping, click here.