Bid & Request for Proposals Notices

Sealed bids are received and opened at the office of the Purchasing Department, Stamford Government Center, 888 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT at 11:00 AM.

Further instructions and bid forms are available at the Office. All bids are subject to the City Charter . The City of Stamford reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids. THE CITY OF STAMFORD IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CONTRACTOR.

Any bid indicated as requiring a bid deposit must be accompanied by a certified/cashier's/treasurer's check or bid bond in the amount indicated. This is a non-waiverable condition of acceptance.

Caution : The competitive bid/proposal process requires that the City of Stamford provide all competitors with equal and timely access to information. To enhance our capabilities, the Purchasing Department is providing bid information over the Internet. You may use this application provided you agree with the following understandings:

  1. The City can not guarantee that the equipment involved in this technology will be available to provide information or receive transmittals. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have current information and that quotations are received at the designated location, complete and on time.
  2. The City is not responsible for the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet.
  3. The City makes no guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of downloaded "Requests for Bid", "Requests for Proposal" or "Request for Qualification".
  4. Bids/proposals must be received in hard copy in the Purchasing Department by the due date and time in order to be considered. Please be advised that the Purchasing Department does not accept bids or proposals by email or fax. More Information : (203) 977-4108 or (203) 977-4994