2019 Citizen's Public Safety Academy

Accepting Applications

The City of Stamford Office of Public Safety is pleased to announce the Citizen's Public Safety Academy. This eight-week program is intended for Stamford residents (age 18+) who want to learn more about the Office of Public Safety, Health and Welfare, and the departments that it is comprised of - Fire, Police, Health, EMS, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, and Social Services. 

The participants will receive an overview of exactly what each agency does and how they respond. Attendees will understand and be better equipped to assess safety issues and share their knowledge of public safety practices and policies.  Graduates will qualify to become members of the City of Stamford Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), or Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), both highly motivated and dedicated volunteer citizen’s organizations.

This Academy is FREE and is a hands-on, interactive, behind-the-scenes program that is taught by experienced police officers, firefighters, emergency medical, health and CERT personnel.

Given our commitment to the community and proactive problem-solving, we see the Citizen’s Academy as an effective way of bringing police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical, health, CERT personnel, and our residents together in an informal educational forum.  The Citizen's Academy will be a great way to learn about your community and get to know the men and women in our Public Safety agencies.

Classes are tentatively schedule to start on Thursday October 24th, 2019, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm with two Saturday sessions TBD.  

Some of the topics covered in the classes will include:

  • Law Enforcement overview and Community Policing
  • Field trips to Public Safety agency facilities with guided tours
  • Terrorism awareness and evacuation procedures
  • K-9 demonstration                                                                                                      
  • The use of force continuum and incident de-escalation procedures                                                        
  • Ambulance life support services and disaster medical operations
  • Firefighting overview and techniques   
  • Incident command, basic emergency awareness and CERT duties and responsibilities
  • Health, emergency management and emergency communications
  • Bomb Squad demonstration
  • Current narcotics trends and enforcement                                        

Participation is open to those 18 years and older.  Applications can be found by clicking HERE and mailed or emailed to the Office of Public Safety, Health and Welfare, or dropped off in person.  You are encouraged to email the Office of Public Safety at [email protected], or call (203) 977-5089 if you have any questions or for further information.