Winter Weather Resources

Winter Weather Resources and Information
Winter Weather Resources and Information
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City Snow Emergency
When the Mayor declares a Snow Emergency, this means that larger amounts of snow are predicted and cars are to be removed from Snow Emergency Streets.  Those streets are marked with red and white signs.  You can find a link to those roads by clicking HERE.  

Alternate Side of the Street Parking
To provide adequate maneuvering space for snow removal equipment on some of our narrower streets, alternate side parking rules have been developed and are in effect WHENEVER there are 2 inches of snow or more, predicted.  On odd numbered days (i.e. the 1st of the month), parking is allowed on the odd-numbered side of the street and restricted on the even-numbered side of the street until 8am the following day (i.e. the morning of the 2nd).  For more information and a list of effected streets, click HERE; you can access the Ordinance HERE.

Vehicle Recovery
Operations and Public Works officials try to give as much notice to residents as possible, especially when towing is imminent, but unfortunately some cars get towed.  If you find that your car has been towed, please call 203-977-4444, provide a license plate number and retrieval directions will be provided.

CT Alerts (reverse 9-1-1)
The City of Stamford uses CT Alerts system to notify residents about impending snow, Snow Emergencies, and other weather and emergency incidents.  Please sign up by clicking HERE.  Enter multiple addresses for home, work, school, and indicate your preference for phone call, email, and/or text notifications.  We can't alert you if we can't reach you.

City of Stamford Plowing
The City of Stamford Operations Department oversees the snow plowing of City streets.  Roads are pre-treated when large storms are expected, and crews begin working as soon as conditions warrant.  Detailed information regarding plowing can be found HERE.  As you prepare to clear your driveway, keep in mind that the snow plow may return and push snow and ice back up onto your driveway - this cannot be avoided if there is still snow on the ground or another plow is warranted.  City plows are unable to "lift" the plow to avoid your driveway or return to remove snow that may have been pushed back.  We realize this may duplicate your efforts but it is unavoidable as we make roads safe for travel.  Shoveling your snow to the right hand side (as you look out to the street) may prevent most of your work being "plowed in".  Click HERE for more on shoveling snow.

Removal of Ice and Snow
Residents and property owners must clear their sidewalks of any snow and/or ice within 12 hours after a storm has ended.  This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians especially school children who walk to school or their bus stop.  Violators can be fined $90 per day for each offense.  You can read the full Ordinance HERE.

Depositing Snow and Ice in the Street
Residents and property owners cannot plow their snow and ice into the street.  This poses a danger for vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians.  If you hire someone to assist you with plowing or shoveling your property, remind them of this rule.  Violators can be fined $90 for each offense.  Read the Ordinance HERE.

Ice and Snow on Vehicles
The State of Connecticut now mandates that snow and ice be removed from vehicles prior to being driven.  Snow and ice flying off of vehicles can result in injury, property damage, and can cause accidents from motorists trying to avoid blocks of ice or snow.  Motorists failing to do so can be fined $75 or more; if you are found to cause injury or accident, the fines are much steeper.  Read the law HERE.

Warming Centers
The State of Connecticut provides the 2-1-1 line as a resource for anyone seeking shelter, and information can always be found there.  The City of Stamford maintains agreements with some local Community Centers and service providers to shelter those in need during stormy or very cold weather.  Please check with 2-1-1 if you or others are in need of shelter or a warming center.  You can see our list of partners HERE.

Safety Guidelines

  • Driving - Please take care when driving your car, as plows may still be operating, roads may still be slick, icy, and treacherous.
  • Shoveling - Overexertion must be avoided - heart attacks from shoveling snow are the leading cause of deaths during the winter.  Protect your back from injury by lifting correctly, find out more about properly shoveling by clicking HERE.  If possible, shovel snow to the right hand side (as you're looking out your driveway) to avoid having to do a second shovel.
  • Home Safety - frigid temperatures can lead to burst pipes and home damage, learn about keeping your home safe and warm HERE.

Contact Information
Call the Citizen's Services Customer Assistance hotline at 203-977-4140 during normal business hours, with questions.  After hours, call the Police Dept non-emergency number at 203-977-4444.  Citizen's Services handles calls regarding issues with plowing, potholes, downed trees, and other operational issues.  Emergencies, including downed wires, should be reported directly to 9-1-1.  Call the City of Stamford Emergency Hotline at 203-977-8840 for recorded emergency information, and stay tuned to local media for weather reports and warnings.