What are the Facts on Property Taxes in Stamford?


Facts on Property Tax Assessment and Collection in Stamford:

The assessment and collection of property taxes is an exclusive function of town and city governments in Connecticut. Property taxes are neither levied nor collected by the state government.

Address to Mail Payments to:
Collecter of Taxes
P.O. Box 50
Stamford, CT 06904-0050

Classes of Property Taxes

There are two classes of property subject to taxation:

  • Real- land and improvements that are permanently attached to the land.
  • Personal- all other property not classified as real property, to include, but not limited to, machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures, motor vehicles, and leased equipment.
Date of Assessment

Property is assessed in Stamford as it exists on the assessment date.

The uniform assessment date for all cities and towns in the State of Connecticut is October 1.

What is the Grand List?

The total assessed value of all taxable property, as determined by the Assessor on October 1, is called the grand list. 

The grand list must be completed by the Assessor and filed with the Town Clerk by January 31 (if necessary, the assessor may request an extension to the end of February to complete his duties).

How am I assessed exactly?

Mill Rate
Based on the grand list and the determination of the city operating budget, a tax rat (the mill rate) is set by the Board of Finance.

The property tax rate in mills or thousandths of a dollar. For example, a tax rate of 30 mills is equivalent to $30.00 per $1,000 of assessed value.
Grand Levy
The amount of revenue which must be raixsed by the property tax is called the grand levy. 

When the grand levy is determined, tax bills are prepared.
Property Tax Rate
The property tax rate is determined by dividing the grand levy by the grand list. This rate is then applied to each taxpayer's taxable property.
Tax Bills

Taxes on real property are due and payable in two installments; July 1 and January 1.

Taxes on personal property business assets, are due and payable in one installment; July 1.

Taxes on motor vehicles, are due and payable in one installment; July 1.  However, motor vehicles on the supplemental list (registered after October 1) are due and payable in one installment; January 1.