Sergeant Ryan DevanneySupervisor(203) 977-4777

The Stamford Police Department's Motorcycle Unit is under the Supervision of Sergeant F. Ryan Devanney, Jr. Other members of the unit are Sergeant Patrick Loughran, Sergeant Brendan Phillips, Officer Jeffrey Booth, Officer Chris Brown, Officer Richard Cucolo, Officer Richard Dabrowski, Officer Jospeh Dugay, Officer Christopher Felman-Merced, Officer Frank Forbes, Officer Willie Guilford, Officer Ryan McAllister, Officer Mathew Romano and Officer David Squitieri.

The Stamford Police Department's Motorcycle Unit operates year round and consists of three 2007 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycles, one 2009 Electra Glide and three 2011 Electra Gilde Motorcycles.

The Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement such as laser-equipped radar, traffic light and stop sign violations, and most importantly school bus violations to protect our most cherished possessions, our children.

The Motorcycle Unit responds to calls for service from the community as the officers riding the motorcycles are assigned to a post while on duty. The Motorcycle Unit is also called upon for parades, funeral escorts, the fireworks detail, carnivals, road races, and dignitary processions held in our City.

At one time in our history the Stamford Police Department did in fact have ten police motorcycles, and we are trying to increase the number of motorcycles at this point in time. The Motorcycle Unit works in concert with our Honor Guard Unit to promote a positive image of our fine City.

Officers wishing to be assigned to the Motorcycle Unit must have a valid motorcycle license and pass an intensive police training class that requires each officer to master skills such as; negotiating different obstacles, braking maneuvers, curve negotiation, and pair riding for formations.