Sergeant Seth O'Brien Supervisor(203) 913-4033
Sergeant Richard PhelanCronin           
Officer David DogaliBobi (203) 223-3917
Officer Mark VittiBadge  
Officer James ComstockPogo  
Officer William EdsonBram  
Officer Lou ScaranoDoby  
Officer Logan PaviaPyro  
Officer Willie GuilfordAxe  
Officer Johnathan Gale Decoy Officer 
Officer Michael Califano Decoy Officer 


The Stamford Police Department Canine Corps was established in 1962, but the department hasn't had an active K-9 team since the mid 1980's, when the late, Officer John Maloney, retired his last K-9. In December 2009 the department added two new K-9 teams to the ranks with Officer David Dogali and K9 Bobi and Officer Seth O'Brien and K9 Cooper.

The team has since added several new teams and currently consist of Sergeant Seth O'Brien (Team Supervisor), Sergeant Richard Phelan and his K-9 Cronin, Officer David Dogali and his K-9 Bobi, Officer Mark Vitti and his K-9 Badge, Officer James Comstock and his K-9 Pogo, Officer William Edson and his K9 Bram, Officer Lou Scarano and his K9 Doby and the latest addition is Officer Logan Pavia and his K9 Pyro.  The team also has two Decoy & Training Officers, Officer Jonathan Gale and Off Michael Califano, that assist with the training of the K-9s.

The team’s capabilities include patrol duties, narcotics detection, tracking of criminals and missing persons, building and area searches, explosive detection and handler protection.

The K-9 teams are part of the Patrol Division and are available to assist their fellow officers throughout the city. They are also available to assist surrounding municipalities. The K-9 teams are on call 24 hours a day and are each assigned their own vehicle, which is specially equipped for their canine. The K-9 teams also conduct public demonstrations as a way to educate the general public about the benefits of police K-9's. The K-9's live with their handlers at their homes, which is where they'll stay upon retirement.

Officer O'Brien and CooperOfficer Dogali and Bobi

Officer O'Brien and Cooper (left) and Officer Dogali and Bobi (right)