Information Technology

Sergeant Michael ScatamacchiaSupervisor(203) 977-4403
Larry FerraroBody-Camera Technician(203) 977-1107
Zinoviy ZeltserComputer Technician(203) 977-4642

Information Technology Mission/Purpose

The Office of Information Technology will provide the highest quality technology-based services, in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate the Police Departments mission as it applies to the management, teaching, learning, and community service.

To meet this mission we will: 

  • Provide effective technology support for audio/visual, computer, multimedia, voice, video, and web based applications and services to all areas of the PD.
  • Promote and facilitate the effective integration of technology into the basic mission of the Department through planning, programming, training, consulting, and other support activities.
  • Develop, enhance, and manage the Department's enterprise networks to provide high speed, transparent, and highly functional connectivity among all information resources.
  • Develop and maintain highly effective, reliable, secure, and innovative information systems to support Officers safety, instructional, administrative and research functions.
  • Facilitate the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access.
  • Provide capabilities including the ability to develop and manage information through broadcast, broadband, software, intranet, the Web and other telecommunications technologies.
  • Support Police programs, and services both within and beyond the City of Stamford.
  • Promote new uses of information technology within the institution through the support for exploratory and innovative applications.
  • Provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology
  • Provide fast & reliable access to all information systems.