Police K-9 "Titan" Retires

Officer Mark Tymon with K9 Titan

On July 31st, 2017 we say farewell to one of the department's K-9 teams.  Officer Mark Tymon and his K9 partner Titan.  Titan is retiring after 6 1/2 years of service as a Police Service Dog.

Officer Tymon and K9 Titan hit the streets as a K9 team in January 2011 after completing their ten-week Basic K9/Handler’s Course.  Since then, Officer Tymon and K9 Titan have been involved in countless successful narcotics searches as well as assisting their fellow patrol officers with building searches, evidence recovery and suspect apprehensions. Some of their recent successes have included locating a 40-year-old, schizophrenic and suicidal individual, tracking a suspect after a stolen car pursuit, in which the suspects fled on foot into Darien. and conducting a track and area search that located an emotionally disturbed individual, who was under the influence of an unknown drug.

Although K9 Titan will be missed, it is reassuring to know that he will spend his retirement at home with Officer Tymon.

The department would like to thank Officer Tymon and K9 Titan for their years of distinguished service as a Police K9 Team to the department and the citizens of Stamford.