District 2

Captain Diedrich HohnDistrict Commander203-977-5458

Captain Diedrich HohnGeographically the smallest of the Department’s four district but the most vertical and active.  The district includes the south end of the city and the exciting growth of the Harbor Point development.  Further north is the Downtown” section of the city which has numerous events, parades, Live@Five concerts, etc. and the majority of the cities restaurants, retail  and theaters.  These two areas of the city are linked by the Transportation Center which creates a very active environment to patrol.  Police emphasis is to keep the area free from crime and safe for pedestrians, motorists and bicycles.

The Department maintains a substation located at 61 Atlantic Street (next to the Palace Theatre) however, this substation is not manned 24 hours a day.  The district also includes Police Headquarters a short distance away at 805 Bedford Street. 

Substation Location - 61 Atlantic Street, (203) 977-6681