Land Use Public Notice Registry

Public Notice Registry

The Planning Board and Zoning Board have established a Public Notice Registry pursuant to 8-7d (g) of the Connecticut General Statutes. This registry is to enable interested landowners, electors and qualified tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to sign up to be notified of actions initiated by the Planning and Zoning Boards for applications regarding adoption or change of any zoning regulation or zoning boundary, any subdivision regulation, or for the preparation or amendment of the Master Plan. The registry will NOT provide notice of any other applications or public hearings. Please note that actions of the Environmental Protection Board and Zoning Board of Appeals are NOT covered under this registry.

To be placed on the registry, please complete the form below.

Land Use Public Notice Registry Form

Once names are placed on the registry, they remain listed for three years. After three years, individuals and nonprofit organizations must request to be placed on the registry again.