Residential Parking

The Residential Parking Permit Program was initiated to maintain safe, healthy and attractive neighborhoods and other residential areas within the City. 

The purpose of the program is to lessen the burdensome practice of nonresidents of certain areas and neighborhoods parking their motor vehicles for extended periods of time. 

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the program.

Click to access the Residential Parking Permit Program Ordinance.

Please choose one of the following options:

1. Obtain Residential Parking Permits (for existing residential parking zones only, refer to list below)

2.  Apply for a New Residential Parking Zone (or to expand an existing zone's boundaries)

3.  Change an Existing Residential Parking Zone (boundaries or characteristics)

4.  Remove an Existing Residential Parking Zone


Summary of Existing Residential Parking Zones



Zone 1* 

Albin Road 

Zone 2* 

Aquila Road 

Zone 3* 

Dora Street, Island Heights Circle, Island Heights Drive 

Zone 5 

Seventh Street, Weil Street, Waterford Lane, Eighth Street, 2530 Summer Street, 65 Bridge Street 

Zone 6* 

Euclid Ave, 973 & 995 Cove Road 

Zone 7 

Clovelly Road 

Zone 8 

Marshall Place 

Zone 9 

Court Street 

Zone 10 

Berkely Street 

Zone 11 

Van Buren Circle 

Zone 12 

Square Acre Drive 

Zone 13 

Hillcrest Avenue 

Zone 14 

Brandywine Road 

Zone 15 

Morgan Street 

Zone 16 

Glen Terrace 

Zone 17 

Hillcrest Avenue for 125 Prospect Street residents 

Zone 18 * 

Dean Street 

Zone 19 

Brooklawn Avenue, Howes Avenue, Nash Place 

Zone 20 

Bonner Street 

Zone 21 

Clovelly Road 

Zone 22 

Avery Street 

Zone 23 

Hinckley Avenue 

Zone 24 

Faucett Street 

Zone 25 

Revonah Avenue 

Zone 26 

Lenox Avenue 

Zone 27 

Waterbury Ave, East Main to Birch 

Zone 28 

Seaside Ave, Sylvan Knoll to Cove 

Zone 29 

Relay Place 

Zone 30 

Woodcliff Street 

Zone 31 


Zone 32 

Chester Street 

Zone 33 

Spruce Street  

Zone 34 

Valley Road 

Zone 35 

Frisbie Street 

Zone 36 

Center Street & Hallmark Place 

Zone 37 

Oakdale Road 

Zone 38 

Stephen Street 

Zone 39 

Pacific Street 

Zone 40 

Stamford Avenue 

Zone 41 

Hobson Street between Shippan Ave and Ocean Drive East

Zone 42 

Fairview Street 

Zone 43 Stone Street
Zone 44 Hubbard Heights
Zone 45Burley Avenue

* Zones where permits are required May 1st - September 30th. All other zones permits year round.