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Parking Meters Stamford

Stamford recently retro-fitted 400 on street parking meters Downtown with new digital parking meters. These new meters will now accept credit cards, while continuing to accept coins and the Park Mobile app.

New pay stations have also been installed in the City parking garages and lots. These new pay stations are "pay by plate" as opposed to "pay by space."  Residents and visitors must now enter their license plate number to commence their parking period.

What is pay-by-plate?

Pay-by-Plate is an alternative to pay by space parking as customers can purchase parking time at a common parking station or on the mobile parking app using their license plate.

Pay by Plate allows for the customer to have more flexibility with their parking experience. You can move spaces within the paid zone during the paid parking time duration as well as pay and extend time by cellphone. It also allows the city to enforce parking more efficiently using license plate recognition cameras.

Stamford’s new Parking meter system: Questions and Answers

Revenue generated by parking meters is usually invested back into the community: Considering some of the inadequacies of Stamford streets due to delays and poor planning in the past, what are some ways Stamford uses that revenue to improve the infrastructure of its citizens?

The City has three downtown parking garages that require over an estimated $15 million in repairs. A portion of the revenue goes into the repairs of those facilities as well as the maintenance of our parking meters to enhance the user experience. Additionally, a portion of the funds are allocated to the general fund to be used in other areas of need throughout Stamford.

How does parking and investing in these new meters benefit residents and not only current or prospective developers?

The new parking meters provide residents with additional and more convenient ways to pay. They also replace our old meters that were frequently out of service. A better functioning parking meter will allow for a better user experience. The new meters will also give city workers the ability to provide a more efficient enforcement. This in turn creates turnover of on street parking spaces, which allows for more consumer trips to local businesses and encourages economic development.

As the City grows in population and attracts more development, would it be correct to assume that more meters will be put in place to help turnover street parking; especially in areas which are seeing more and more development such as Harbor Point, the Westside and near the UConn campus? Or would it be safe to say that Stamford will maintain its meters just the way they are and just raise new parking garages?

Yes the City intends to add on street meters in the Downtown area and around the Stamford Transportation Center to facilitate economic development.

Are you planning on raising meter prices per hour in the near future? We know the benefits of meters, but wouldn’t raising the price hurt revenue for the city?

There is no plan to raise meter prices at this time.