OPEB Board of Trustees

The City offers certain post-retirement medical benefits to eligible retirees and their dependents on a partially contributory basis and life insurance benefits to eligible retirees, as set forth in various collective bargaining agreements. Benefits for all plans integrate with Medicare on a 100% coordination basis.

In fiscal year 2008, pursuant to the authority granted to the Board of Representatives of the City of Stamford in Section C2-10-12 of the Stamford Charter and Code of Ordinances and Section 7-450(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes, a trust was established by for the administration of “Post-Employment Benefits Other Than Pensions.”  (Sec. 6-91-94 of the City Charter.)

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Susan Rosenfeld (203) 977-4183

Board Members

Name Title
David R. Martin Mayor/Member
Sandy Dennies Director of Administration
Alfred C. Cava Director of Human Resources
Tamu Lucero Superintendent of Schools
Ryan Fealey SPS Director of Finance
David Yanik Controller
Andy George President, Board of Education
Mary Lou Rinaldi Board of Finance Representative
Kieran Ryan Board of Finance Representative
Matthew Quinones Board of Representatives Appointee (Secretary)
Gary Palomba Board of Representatives Appointee
Jay Fountain Fire Pension Appointee
Michael Noto Police Pension Appointee
Eric Newman CERF Pension Appointee
Jimmy Connors Custodians' Pension Appointee