Update #8 on Nor'easter

City-wide survey on Thursday identified 371 total issues with trees, wires, transformers and other storm related issues from this event.

Still 90 road closures involving all types of blocking the road (wires, branches, trees) or secondary and tertiary roads.

49 road closures are directly related to electrical wires and are being dealt with by Eversource.

As of right now 943 Eversource customers are without power. The number of outages will fluctuate up and down as Eversource works on restoration.

Eversource estimates that it will restore the vast majority of Eversource customers by 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 11th.

Post Storm Relief Centers remain open for residents.

The Office of Public Safety is urging resident to use ULTRA CAUTION and observation of any items related to any commute that may present an immediate life safety concern. For these, residents should call 911