Neighborhood Grant Program Application

Applications are due on or before March 29, 2019

I am pleased to announce the availability of Neighborhood Grants to stimulate and support projects that address issues of importance to, improve the quality of life in, or enhance and beautify Stamford neighborhoods or community spaces. Funding will be disseminated via competitive grant, and the maximum grant award will be $4000.

Depending on the needs of a particular area, as determined by the people who live there, a range of resident groups -- from informal grassroot organizations and well-established associations to community-wide efforts – will be eligible to apply for grants that support activities and projects important to them and their neighborhoods.

Applicants are not be required to be legal not-for-profit organizations, although groups who do not have legal nonprofit status will need to identify fiscal agents (501(c)(3) organizations) willing to be responsible for handling grant funds on their behalf.  Neither for-profit entities nor individuals are eligible to apply.

The selection process will favor applications for projects that address specific issues of importance to applicant communities and anticipate results that can be described as concrete improvements.  Applicants will be expected to leverage City funds with their own funds, labor, services, products or other contributions. To the extent that City personnel and resources are available, funded applicant groups will be able to access advice, support and/or in-kind assistance for their projects from the City. Proposed projects must meet any relevant City of Stamford standards and codes.

However, this is not a “one size fits all” opportunity. Following are a few examples of the types of projects and matching support that might support an application. Of course, there are many, many other possibilities:

  • neighborhood welcome signs (grant funding purchases the signs; applicant installs them)(Zoning compliance required);
  • art projects (professional quality) in the community or in community centers;
  • community gardens (grant funding purchases materials; applicant does the planting);
  • sidewalk planters (grant funding purchases the planters; applicant provides soil, seeds and labor);
  • community clean up (grant funds purchase necessary tools; applicant organizes and provides labor on clean-up day);
  • “adopt-a-spot” (grant funds used to purchase identifying sign; applicant purchases plantings and labor to maintain the spot);
  • citywide effort to address graffiti, trash or weed issue (project that transcends individual neighborhoods).

Grant  recipients will be selected by a committee comprised of representatives from the Mayor’s office and a cross section of community organizations.

Applications are due on or before March 29, 2019. Funding will be distributed by April 26, 2019. Projects should be completed no later than August, 2019.

 - Mayor David Martin