Mayor Martin Statement re: State Announcement of Mid-Year Cuts to Municipalities

STAMFORD, CT—Mayor David Martin released the following statement after the state Office of Policy & Management’s announcement of mid-year cuts to municipal ECS and LoCIP funding:

“We are certainly disappointed by this round of municipal funding cuts but are not completely surprised. There is a risk that there will be less municipal funding as the state deals with an unprecedented deficit.

While I haven’t spoken to Superintendent Kim yet, I am confident that with a bit of belt tightening, the city can absorb half of the cut to educational funding so that the burden is not entirely felt by our children.

I am more concerned with future cutbacks to capital funding. Going forward, we have several necessary large projects underway or about to begin. Our capital budget is already strained and it will be difficult if the state is unable to provide essential capital support.

I fear that this is a new reality and it is going to take fiscal responsibility at all levels of government to ensure that there aren’t large tax increases that put undue burden on our residents.”