Zoning Enforcement/Permits

Who are we?
Zoning Enforcement and Permits is a division of the City of Stamford’s Land Use Bureau Zoning Enforcement and Permits has three licensed zoning inspectors who review plans and inspect construction sites.

What do we do?
Zoning Enforcement and Permits has two main tasks:

  1. It reviews building plans for conformance with the City of Stamford’s Zoning Regulations, and issues Zoning Permits as part of the Building Permit Process;
  2. It enforces the City’s Zoning Regulations and addresses complaints about Zoning violations.

Who do we work with?
Zoning Enforcement and Permits works with homeowners and developers who want to build a new house or structure, or who want to expand or change a building. It works with residents who have complaints or concerns about potential Zoning Violations.

When should you contact us?
You should contact us when you need or have questions about a Zoning Permit, which is required for new construction and many types of alterations to buildings. Check the Permit Information Pages  to see if you need to see Zoning Enforcement and Permits.

If you want to report a zoning Violation, please contact the Citizens Service Center at (203) 977-4140 or use the online form.

Contact InformationEmailPhone
General inquiriesStamfordLandUse@StamfordCT.gov (203) 977-4711

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dan Trapp Land Use Inspector (203) 977-4717
James Lunney, III Zoning Enforcement Officer (203) 977-5944
Frank Conti Land Use Inspector (203) 977-5943