Zoning Regulations

The Zoning Regulations govern the use of land, and the shape, size, height and setback of buildings. In Stamford's neighborhoods and provide the standard for the future development. Zoning also regulates signs, required parking open space, historic preservation and affordable housing, etc. The regulation also contains important environmental protection standards including coastal area management, flood prone area protect open space, and soil erosion and sedimentation control. The Zoning Regulations are available for free online and in print for sale at the Land Use Bureau. The Regulations are updated annually with any text amendments that occurred during the prior year.

Zoning Map
The Zoning Map depicts the boundaries of the Zoning Districts in the City. The City is divided into 39 different residential, commercial, manufacturing and park districts. Designed districts (e.g. Transportation Center Designed District) have additional regulations such as required mix of uses, screening, ground floor uses and signage. The Zoning Map is available online Interactive | PDF and in print for sale at the Land Use Bureau.

Subdivision regulations
A subdivision is any division of a lot, parcel or tract of land into two or more lots, for development, which will result in a greater intensity of development than previously permitted on either parcel. The subdivision regulations are available here.

Zoning Quick Facts
Zoning Quick Facts provide information about frequently asked zoning questions. The information provided here is intended as a brief overview – the Zoning Regulations are the legally binding document. The list will be continuously expanded.

One Family Zoning Districts | PDF link