Learn information about Zoning and other initiatives proposed by the Land Use Boards and the Land Use Bureau.

1. Omnibus Text Change

The first round of applications within the Omnibus text change have been filed. The filed Omnibus applications are available here: Filed Omnibus Applications.

The Omnibus Text change will reorganize, streamline and update Stamford’s Zoning Regulations. The goal is to make the regulations more user friendly, eliminate inconsistencies, incorporate new State and Federal mandates and implement the City’s Master Plan.

This change will affect many districts and many aspect of zoning, from parking to housing and from street trees to historic preservation. In order to provide of a thorough discussion of the text, the Zoning Board therefore decided to have a comment period prior to officially filing the text change.

You can email comments at [email protected]. Subject to availability of staff the Land Use Bureau also offers to meet with neighborhood associations and other stakeholder groups to provide more information about the proposed changes or to listen to feedback. Please schedule a meeting with us by email or phone (203-977-4711).

Overview of the proposed changes revised September 2019 Zoning Board Presentation, 09-09-19

Overview of the proposed changes             February 2019  Zoning Board Presentation, 02-25-2019

The draft text can be viewed here Omnibus Text Change

We are looking forward to your feedback!

2. V-C Village Commercial District Changes – APPROVED

Based on community concerns and encouragement by the Mayor, the Land Use Bureau proposes Zoning Text Changes to the V-C Village Commercial District. The goal of the changes are to:

  • Prohibit the expansion of V-C districts into established single-family residential districts
  • Provide a wider buffer (side and rear yards) and between V-C districts and single-family residential districts
  • Increase parking requirements
  • Better respond to character of specific neighborhoods
  • Reduce residential densities
  • Reduce building height, in particular on side streets
  • Prohibit commercial uses on Side streets
  • Stronger incentives for ground floor commercial uses along Arterial Streets
  • Strengthen urban design

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3. NX-D Neighborhood Mixed-Use Design District - APPROVED

The goal of this new district is to implement the recommendations of the Stamford Master Plan for parts of the Westside, specifically to:

  • Encourage investment in mixed residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods
  • Protect residences from impacts from commercial and industrial uses
  • Promote the opportunity for workers to live in the vicinity of their work.
  • To promote a vibrant commercial environment in harmony with residential uses.

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