The following maps provide general geographic information about Stamford or information about zoning and other rules that apply to certain areas to the city.

Aquifer Protection Area Program

Many areas of the city depend on groundwater for their water supply. To maintain the supply and the quality of this important resource the State created areas where specific rules apply.

Coastal Boundary Map

The city’s coastlines are vulnerable to flooding from storms and often contain valuable habitat. The coastal area boundary defines an area where special rules apply to protect life and property of residents and the environment near the Long Island Sound. Find out more about coastal area regulations here.
Flood Plains / Wetlands

This map shows areas where floods are more likely due to the elevation of the land and the proximity of rivers, streams or ponds. Special rules for construction apply in these areas and federal flood insurance may be available. Find out more about flood-prone area and wetlands regulations here.

Land Use – rename to “Tax Map” and move down.

Master Plan

State statute requires every City to draft a Master Plan every ten years. The Master Plan is a vision that is intended to guide the future development of the City. Find out more about the Master Plan here.


This map provides an overview of Stamford’s parks and beaches.

Tax Map

The Tax Maps show the approximate boundaries of real properties in the city.

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map shows the location and extent of Stamford’s zoning districts. Zoning regulates what land can be used for, how much land a building can cover and how tall a building can be. Click here [LINK TO THE NEW ZONING PAGE] for more information about Zoning.