Land Use Bureau

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Who are we?

The Land Use Bureau is a division of the Office of Operations. It is responsible for planning and zoning enforcement and environmental protection in Stamford. 

What do we do?    
The Land Use Bureau has four main tasks:

  1. To plan for the future of Stamford through the Master Plan and the Capital Budget
  2. To regulate land uses and building form through zoning
  3. To assure that Federal, State and Local environmental regulations, for example to protect the city's wetlands and water supply, are implemented and enforced
  4. To provide information that allows the public to participate in the planning for our City in an informed way

Who do we work with? 
The Land Use Bureau works with homeowners and developers who wish to get a building permit for work done on their property. In many instances, building permits require sign of from the Land Use Bureau's Zoning Enforcement and Environmental Protection divisions. To learn more on how to apply for a building permit in Stamford click here.

The Land Use Bureau also provides technical support to the following Boards:

  • Zoning Board. The Zoning Board reviews site plans and applications for changes to the City's Zoning Text, Zoning Map and certain special exceptions, as defined per the Zoning Regulations.
  • Planning Board. The Planning Board drafts, approves and the City's Master Plan and makes sure that all Zoning Text and Map changes conform with the Master Plan. The Planning Board also is part of the City's Capital Budget process and approves application for subdivisions.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Board of Appeals grants variances to existing Zoning if it finds that a hardship significantly inhibits the development of a property. It also grants certain Special Exceptions, pursuant to the City's Zoning Regulations.
  • Environmental Protection Board. In accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations, the Environmental Protection Board regulates local inland Wetlands and Watercourses, serves as the local Conservation Commission and acts as the local Flood and Erosion Control Board.

When should you talk to us?
You should contact the Land Use Bureau if you want to know more about what your property is zoned for and what kind of buildings and uses are allowed in your zone. If you want to apply for a building permit you should consult with the Buildings Department first to see if you have to get sign-offs from Zoning Enforcement or the Environmental Protection Board. Click here to find out more about applying for a building permit.

You should also contact us if you would like to apply for Site Plan Review, change of the Zoning Map, of Zoning Text, a Variance or Special Exception. You will find more information about these types of applications in the Forms and Procedures Section of this website.

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