Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee was created to ensure sound investment practices.  The Investment Oversight Committee meets monthly.  The role of the committee is not to make actual investment decisions, but rather to act as an overseer of the investment program.  

It is the policy of the City of Stamford (the City) that the administration and investment of City funds shall be handled with a degree of professionalism that is worthy of the highest public trust.  Investments shall be made in a manner which will provide the maximum safety for principal invested.  Policy limits and diversification of the portfolio are established to protect liquidity for daily and other reasonably anticipated cash flow needs.  Achieving a higher rate of return is secondary to the requirements for safety and liquidity.  All investments will be made in full compliance with local ordinances, state statutes and any applicable IRS requirements. 

Committee Members

Karen Vitale
Jay Fountain
Louis A. Casolo, Jr., P.E.
Mary Lou Rinaldi
Vikki Cooper
Lindsey Miller
Eric Newman
Sandy Dennies