Statement on Death of Jack Bryant

Board of Education Member and former President of Stamford’s Chapter of the NAACP Jack Bryant died earlier this morning due to complications from COVID-19. Mayor David Martin released the following statement:

“Jack Bryant has been an incredible community leader who helped shape Stamford’s culture for the better. I have worked closely with him even before I was elected Mayor when he was President of Stamford’s Chapter of the NAACP. Jack possessed a deep knowledge of Stamford, an unwavering commitment to our community, and a strong love for the people of our City. Jack was passionate about his views, and he knew how to guide the discourse on important issues while keeping our community whole. He sought to add to our City and make it better, even on contentious issues. I have always considered Jack a person of absolute integrity, fearless conviction, and unyielding in his principles. It is for these reasons he was a leader for the NAACP, an influential minister, and a new Board of Education member following last year’s election. I am honored to consider Jack a friend, and I am devastated by his death. I share my condolences with his family and with the many other people in Stamford who are undoubtedly shaken by this news.”